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Social Media Content Ideas for September

Did you know that the 8th of September is Star Trek Day? Commemorative days and events, whether they're just a bit of fun like Talk like a Pirate Day or global celebrations like Green Peace Day, these can help you with much needed ideas for your Social Media Content.

Month of September:

Blue September

Dementia Awareness Month


Big Heart Appeal

1st Sep

First Day of Spring

Wattle Day

World Beard Day

1st-7th Sep

National Asthma Awareness Week

1st - 8th Sep

Adult Learners Week

2nd Sep

Fathers Day

3rd September

Sky Scraper Day

National Flag Day

3rd - 7th Sep

Women's Health Week

3rd - 9th September

National Land Care Week

Child Protection Week

4th Sep

Wildlife Day

5th Sep

International Day of Charity

6th Sep

Read a book day

Fight procrastination day

Indigenous Literacy Day

7th Sep

Buy a book day

Beer Lovers Day

8th Sep

International Literacy day

Star Trek Day

9th Sep

Teddy Bear day

Wonderful Wierdo's Day

Hug your hound Day

Grandparents Day

10th Sep

Swap ideas day

Suicide Prevention Day