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Don't give up on Facebook

You've probably heard these statements from Facebook page owners of late:

"My Facebook reach is down"

"Darn Facebook algorithms not showing our posts to fans"

"Facebook is dying, it's just not worth it"

"I'm just about ready to give up on Facebook"

I give up

Don't listen to them! Here's why Facebook is definitely worth sticking with:

Reach is not everything

While it's true that Facebook's reach is down, you may not be getting the full picture. Reach is important but it's not the only sign of a successful business page.

For example, lately like most of you, I've had reduced reach on my page, but looking at my Google analytics, Facebook continues to account for 71% of the traffic to my website, and after all that's what really counts.

I've also found that Facebook's insights are not that accurate - shock horror! I used Google URL shortener to set a tracker on a link shared to Facebook, Facebook's insights showed it as only having 87 clicks, but the URL tracker and website analytics both confirmed that the link had over 800 clicks. I've tried this several times now with the similar results.

Facebook gives your business credibility

If you are like me and come across a business you may like to deal with, you will look at their Facebook and other Social Media profiles for signs that they are genuine. A Social Media presence demonstrates to your potential clients that yes, you are a legitimate, current business and you are listening.

Being there and being ready

People may not respond to your posts but rest assured someone is seeing them and hopefully when they or a their friend are in need of the product/service you provide, your name will spring to mind and they'll be in touch.

The audience is huge!

Latest figures show that 15 million Australians use Facebook, 2 billion world wide. daily users, why would you not want to be there?

The advertising is so good and so cheap!

I really don't know where else you could only spend $5 or $10 for a promotion, are able to target your exact audience and then get to see the actual results. Paid Facebook advertising, whether it be a specific promotion, boosted post or one to attract more followers all work well. I've had a few clients asking, where's the catch, am I suddenly going to get a huge bill from Facebook? As long as you are careful with the end dates, daily limit and total spend you will not be caught out. You can also pause or cancel at any time. Honestly, give it a try!

Still not convinced? Feel free to contact me to book an obligation free chat.

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I love to help your emerging business by creating:

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