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Social Media Content Ideas for March

Did you know that the 8th of March is International Women's Day? Commemorative days and events, whether they're just a bit of fun like Middle Name Pride Day or a global celebration,they can all help you with much needed ideas for your Social Media Content or blog.

Here's a few for March:

Celebrate International Women's Day!

1st March

First day of Autumn

Plan a solo vacation day

Horse Protection Day

World compliment day

World Book Day

2nd March

Dr Seuss Day

Employee Appreciation Day

3rd March

World Wildlife Day

4th March

Grammar Day

Clean Up Australia Day

5th March

The Oscars

Labour Day Holiday (WA)

6th March

Unique Names Day

Dentist's Day

7th March

Be heard day - Small Business

8th March

International Women's Day

9th March

Barbie's Birthday

Middle Name Pride Day

10th March

Mario Day

International Wig Day

11th March

World Plumbing Day

12th March

Fill our staplers Day

Napping Day

13th March

Ken's Birthday

Organise your Home Office Day