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Social Media Content Planner for December

Did you know that 5th of December is World Soil Day? Commemorative days and events, whether they're just a bit of fun like Monkey Day or landmark dates like the Summer Solstice can help you with much needed ideas for your Social Media Content.

December is:

No Gender December


1st December

First Day of Summer

World AIDS Day

Eat a Red Apple Day

2nd December

Perth Christmas Pageant

3rd December

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Make a Gift Day

4th December

World Wildlife Conservation Day

Cookie Day

5th December

World Soil Day

6th December

Miners Day

St Nick's Day

9th December

Christmas Card Day

International Shareware Day

10th December

Human Rights Day

14th December

Monkey Day

Last Day of School (Most of WA)

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18th December

Migrants Day

20th December

Games Day

Sangria Day

21st December

Short Story Day