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Social Media Content Ideas for April

You probably knew Easter falls in April this year but did you know we also have a Beer Day or Record Store Day? Commemorative days and events, whether they're just a bit of fun like Name Yourself Day or a global celebrations like Easter can help you with much needed ideas for your Social Media Content or blog.

Here's a few for April:

April is: Autism Awareness Month

31st March to 9th April

National Youth Week

1st April

April Fools Day


Change your Battery Day

2nd April

World Autism Day

Children's Book Day

4th April

World Stray Animals Day

5th April

Read a Road Map Day

Day of Hope

6th April

New Beer's Eve

7th April

Beer Day

No House Work Day

Walk to Work Day

World Health Day

9th April

Name Yourself Day

10th April

Sibling Day

11th April

Pet Day

World Parkinsons Day

12th April

Walk on the Wildside Day

12th - 23rd April

Nature Play Week

13th April

Scrabble Day

Wear Green for Premmies Day

14th April

Good Friday

Look up to the Blue Sky Day

Dolphin Day

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15th April

Record Store Day

15th - 21st April

World Creativity and Innovation Week

16th April

Easter Sunday

Save the Elephant Day

17th April

Ford Mustang Day

18th April

World Heritage Day

19th April

Banana Day

Bicycle Day

Hanging Out Day

20th April

Volunteer Recognition Day

21st April

Tea Day

22nd April

Earth Day

Jellybean Day

23rd April

World Book and Copyright Day

Talk like Shakespeare Day

German Beer Day

English Language Day

25th April


26th April

Hug and Australian Day

Get Organised Day

World Stationery Day

Golf Day

27th April

Tell a Story Day

Thankyou Thursday

28th April

World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Workers Memorial Day

Pay it Forward Day

29th April

World Veterinary Day

International Dance Day

World Wish Day

Save the Frogs Day

International Astronomy Day

30th April

International Jazz Day

Please Note: Some of these are real and some just for fun, no responsibility is taken so please check the information before planning your content.

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