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Social Media Content Ideas for January

If you've done a bit of Social Media Marketing, you will know the frustration of noticing a trend when it's all too late and thinking "Damn, why didn't I know about that!"

Don't despair, I've made it easier for you! Here's a list of events which may be relevant to your business, so hop to it and start planning your content today.

January is:

Creativity Month


1st January

New Years Day

4th January

Trivia Day

5th January

Bird Day

8th January

Show and Tell at Work Day

Elvis' Birthday

9th January

Clean off your Desk Day

10th January

Peculiar People Day

Cut your Energy Costs Day

11th January

Milk Day

12th January

Poetry at Work Day

Kiss a Ginger Day

14th January

Dress Up Your Pet Day

Organise your Home Day

15th January

Hat Day

16th January

Nothing Day

17th January

Ditch New Year Resolutions Day

Kids Inventors' Day

18th January

Thesaurus Day