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Social Media Content Ideas for November

If you've done a bit of Social Media Marketing, you will know the frustration of noticing a trend when it's all too late and thinking "Damn, why didn't I know about that!"

Don't despair, I've made it easier for you! Here's a list of events which may be relevant to your business, so hop to it and start planning your content today.

November is:


Novel writing month

Lung Awareness Month

1st November

Author's Day

Melbourne Cup

World Vegan Day

2nd November

Stress Awareness Day

5th November

Love your red hair day

6th-12th November

Food Safety Week

7th - 13th November

National Recycling Week

9th November

World Freedom Day

10th November

Sesame Street Day

11th November

Remembrance Day

13th November

World Kindness Day

14th November

World Diabetes Day

15th November

I love to write day

Entrepreneurs Day

16th November

World Day of Tolerance

17th November

Use Less Stuff Day

Social Enterprise Day

World Prematurity Day

18th November

Housing Day

Mickey Mouse Day

19th November<