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Social Media Post Ideas for August

If you've done a bit of Social Media Marketing, you will know the frustration of noticing a trend when it's all too late and thinking "Damn, why didn't I know about that!"

Don't despair, I've made it easier for you! Here's a list of events which may be relevant to your business, so hop to it and start planning your content today.

August is:

Tradies National Health Month

MS Readathon - One Month Challenge

1st August

World Wide Web Day Girlfriend’s Day

Horse's Birthday

1st - 7th August

Homeless Prevention Week

Dental Health Week

Local Government Week

World Breastfeeding Week

4th August Absolutely Fabulous The Movie in cinemas National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day

Assistance Dog Day

5th August

Cafe Smart Olympic Games commence International Beer Day Work Like a Dog Day Jeans for Genes Day 6th August Wiggle your toes Day

7th August

Sisters Day

Friendship Day

Doll Day

8th August Dying To Know Day

International Cat Day

9th August Book Lovers Day International Day of the World’s Indigenous People

9th-16th August

Elvis Week

10th August

World Lion Day

Duran Duran Appreciation Day. Gotta love that :)

Lazy Day

11th August

World Population Day

Play in the Sand Day

Son and Daughter Day

12th August

International Youth Day

Vinyl Record Day

13th August Left Handers Day

Middle Child's Day

13th-21st August

National Science Week

15th August Relaxation Day RSPCA Cupcake Day

Best Friends Day

16th August

Tell a Joke Day

17th August

Black Cat Appreciation Day

18th August Bad Poetry Day

Vietnam Veterans Day (Long Tan Day)

19th August Snuffleupagus’s Birthday Photography Day

Men's Grooming Day

World Aviation Day

20th - 26th August

Book Week

21st August Homeless Animal Day

World Honey Bee Day

21st - 27th August

Hearing Awareness Week

National Op Shop Week

22nd - 28th August Keep Australia Beautiful Week

23rd August National Sponge Cake Day

24th August Pluto Demoted Day

26th August Women’s Equality Day Dog Day Daffodil Day

27th August

Burger Day

28th -3rd Sep August Legacy Week

30th August Frankenstein Day

Slinky Day

31st August

Trail Mix Day National Meals on Wheels Day

Please Note: Some of these are real and some just for fun, no responsibility is taken so please check the information before planning your content.

I love to help your emerging business by creating:

A great set of Accounts to make your life easier and your Accountant very happy

Effective Social Media profiles that will bring your more business your way

I'll even train you how to use them!

Sue Whittaker

Eclectic mix of Bookkeeper and Social Media Marketer"

iManage Professionals Perth

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