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Spend 10 minutes sprucing up your Facebook Page

Whether you are just starting out or have had your Facebook page for a while, there is no time like the present to spruce up your page.

Why now, you may ask?

Facebook is testing a new feature which has the potential bring you or your competitors a lot of business. Check out the new Best Professional Services which is described as "Find local businesses with the best Facebook reviews and ratings". While this is only in the test phase and is not yet available on the mobile app, my guess is that it will be and it has huge potential!

If that isn't reason alone, reviews in general are becoming so important from a customers point of view. We all trust the reviews of others over what the company is saying about themselves.

Convinced? Lets get started:

To turn on the "reviews" feature:

  • Go to About and then Page Info.

  • Go to Category, change to "Local Business" then choose your business type. They are fairly broad but just find the closest you can.

  • Save Changes.

  • Next go the the address section and edit.

  • Type in your address. If you are a home based or mobile business and would prefer not providing your full address, just type in your town or city.

  • Then tick "Show map and check-ins on the page"

  • Save changes.

Now go back to your page and you should see Reviews feature on the left hand side. Once you see it there, don't forget to ask people to give you a little review. Most are keen to lend a hand.

Other ways to ensure your Facebook Page is optimised:

  • Choosing 3 sub categories (under you name in the about section), These are vital for describing your business and helping you be found.

  • Your short description is complete using as many key words as possible

  • Your hours of business is up to date.

  • Your website and email address is included.

Don't delay, grab a cuppa and get started!

I love to help your emerging business by creating:

A great set of Accounts to make your life easier and your Accountant very happy

Effective Social Media profiles that will bring your more business your way

I'll even train you how to use them!

Sue Whittaker

"Eclectic mix of Bookkeeper and Social Media Marketer"

iManage Professionals Perth

Connect with me here:

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