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Social Media Ideas for July

If you've done a bit of Social Media Marketing, you will know the frustration of noticing a trend when it's all too late and thinking "Damn, why didn't I know about that!"

Don't despair, I've made it easier for you! Here's a list of events which may be relevant to your business, so hop to it and start planning your content today.

Social Media Marketing Tip: Post at a time that most of your audience is likely to be online on that platform rather than when is convenient to you.

1st July

First day of financial year

International Joke Day

Last Day of School Term WA

2nd July

Federal Election

3rd July

International Plastic Bag Free Day

3rd to 10th July


7th July

Chocolate Day

10th July

Pina Colada Day

10th to 16th July

National Diabetes Week

11th July

World Population Day

13th July

Embrace your Geekness Day

18th July

Back to School WA

Mandela Day

20th July

Moon Day

23rd July

Gorgeous Grandma Day

24th July

Tell and old joke day

Cousins Day

26th July

Aunt and Uncle Day

29th July

White Ribbon Night

30th July

International Day of Friendship

Paperback Book Day

31st July

National Tree Day


Dry July

Please Note: Some of these are real and some just for fun, no responsibility is taken so please check the information before planning your content.

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